Different Types of Pool Tiles You Can Install

Different Types of Pool Tiles You Can Install

One of the most visually appealing parts of a swimming pool is the swimming pool tiles. They have the ability to provide both aesthetic elements and function for the pool. For a much more preferable look, landscape and ambiance, most house owners make pool tiles their go-to option. 

You can find several types of swimming pool tiles in the market so you can never run out of choices. If you’re planning on using tiles for your pool, some amazing designs that can be used for its construction are spa spillways, tanning edge, negative edge pool, and complex water features. Some of the best types of swimming pool tiles you can install are:


When a pool is lined with ceramic or porcelain tile, it creates an amazing appearance for an affordable price. These pool tiles come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and you can easily find them in any color that suits you if you’re willing to pay for them.

Most of the time, porcelain is the pool tile of choice for schools as well as businesses looking to put their mascots and logos at the bottom of the pool. This type of pool tile unlike a lot of other types is the easiest to paint. If the tile maker is able to paint the design in glaze and properly fires the tiles in the kiln, the image will definitely stand the test of time.

Smooth ceramic tiles just like porcelain tiles are also a great option. They come with a lot of benefits including the fact that they won’t scratch your skin. This makes them very suitable for parents, kids, and even elderly swimmers.

If you are looking for pool tiles with a good grip, you shouldn’t settle for one that could scratch your skin or hurt you. Ceramic tiles have textures that prevent slipping so they are super safe.

Using a textured ceramic to surround your pool isn’t a bad one at all. It allows you to match your poolside tile with those at the ground of the pool without having to worry about slipperiness.


The swimming pool becomes an oasis of cool water, especially during hot summer days. The stone tiles add a natural ambiance to your pool, making it similar to swimming in a pond or lake. Moreover, these amazing pool tiles are quite affordable and have a classic and expensive look. You find them most of the time surrounding pools but a lot of people prefer to use them within the pool. Click here to read about the 7 Benefits of installing pool tiles in a herringbone pattern.

Whether or not it’s your style of choice, covering the outer walls above ground pools with stone tiles makes them look pretty natural especially if you have boulders and plants around. 

There are some stone tiles that are safe and slip-resistant. Some of them are travertine, sandstone, and flagstone. These types have a very decent amount of grip and you’ll never have to worry about slipping.

However, due to the porous nature of stone tiles, you’ll have to seal them every few years as they tend to absorb the pool water. The installation of stone tiles requires techniques quite similar to creating a stone wall.


If you have made up your mind to spend a bit more on a sturdy and lasting option, you should consider the glass tile.

Although, a lot of people know glass is a somewhat fragile material, glass tile for pools is the direct opposite. First of all, it is absolutely non-porous so there won’t be any risk of it breaking down or absorbing water. 

For this type of pool tiles, cracks are very rare. It only happens in cases where irresponsible companies install them the wrong way or install glass tiles that are too large.

Most of the glass pool tiles you find are usually small, often one square inch or less, and the majority of them come in mosaic sheets. You can easily combine different colored sheets into an amazing and unique pattern. Colorful glass in mosaic patterns is super attractive and makes the pool so beautiful. A lot of people prefer to install it outside of raised spas and pools.

Beautiful Pool Brick Style Glass Mosaic Tile | Glass mosaic tiles, Mosaic  pool tile, Mosaic glass

As soon as a pool specialist installs it and you fill it up, that is when you’ll see the aesthetic benefit of glass tiles. It is prettier in the sunlight because it gives a glitter effect to the water.


Colorful Modern Tile Modwalls Tile | Mosaic pool, Mosaic pool tile, Pool  tile

If you’re big on things that are colorful, mosaic tiles will be a great option for you. There is usually have a combination of diverse unique colors that could add ambiance to your swimming pool. They are a combination of not only colors but designs and even sizes.

You can install them at the bottom of your pool or put them at the sides to give an overall design. When you’ve used this tile type for about two years, it is recommended you drain the pool and properly clean it up to remove algae, mold, or any kind of chemical build-up.


More than the stone tiles, the brick tiles when installed in a pool create the appearance of class and wealth at a very low cost. Orange and red bricks next to a shimmering blue pool will give an amazing and unique contrast.

While bricks are awesome for building hot tubs and other luxury structures, there are also brick veneers, pavers as well as flat tiles. Usually, people tend to use brick tiles to surround pools and not within them but on some occasions, people also surface pools with it.

One of the major reasons why brick tiles aren’t commonly used is because they are porous, just like stone tiles. In fact, they are more porous than a lot of stone tiles and even take in more water. 

Thus, if they aren’t properly sealed, they could stain. If it is used around your pool and you don’t seal it, the risk could be more significant. If water gets into the brick, it could easily crumble or become slippery so never forget to seal it. Visit https://www.wikihow.com/Clean-Your-Own-Pool to read about how to clean your swimming pool.


If you’ve been looking to buy and install the best pool tiles on the market, you can start with the above-recommended ones. They are sturdy and can last for a long time.

7 Benefits of installing pool tiles in a herringbone pattern

7 Benefits of installing pool tiles in a herringbone pattern

Over the years, we noticed that herringbone tile pattern has taken over the tile installation world. At first, people started using this tile pattern only in wet areas like bathrooms, showers, and other places where water could pass through. Recently, we noticed that herringbone tile pattern is now everywhere. It is now used in both interior and exterior parts of homes and offices. 

We were shocked when we saw herringbone pool tiles in swimming pools in homes and offices. We decided to do thorough research to know the reason behind the increase in the usage of herringbone pool tiles. Our goal is to help those who want to use this unique tile pattern to cover the walls and floor of their swimming pool.

90 1/2" x 2" Herringbone Porcelain Mosaic Tile in White | Bedrosians Tile &  Stone

Therefore, are you an investor that wants to invest in the hotel business, and you are looking forward to having a swimming pool that will retain customers and be the talk of the town? Or you are a homeowner, and you want to make yourself comfortable by designing your pool with an incredible and stunning design? We are here to explain why you need to consider using herringbone pool tiles to create your pool. We believe that the best way to change your mind is to let you know the benefits of installing herringbone pool tiles.

But before we explain the benefits of installing herringbone pool tiles, we think it would be nice to look at why it is good to consider them in pools.

Why consider herringbone pool tile?

Herringbone pool tiles are a visually exciting style, and they will add to the elegance of the pool. Mere looking at this unique pattern, it is beautiful. It has its uniqueness that is quite different from other designs of tiles. 

Herringbone Pool Tile, Swimming Pool Tile | MosaicTileOutlet

Also, people consider using herringbone pool tiles because the installer will use only one size of tile all through to create this pattern. The herringbone pattern generally requires cutting tiles into rectangular pieces in the exact sizes before installing it.

Therefore, the herringbone pool tile offers a lot of styling while it remains relatively simple at the same time. So, if you like, you can use words like jazzy, dynamic, and unique, and some other adjectives; the fact remains that this pattern pays to consider in covering the walls and floors of pools. 

Hence, below here are the advantages of covering or designing the walls and floor of your swimming pool using herringbone pool tile:

  1. Herringbone pool tile is beautiful:

 One of the reasons behind the increase in the usage of this pattern to design pools is that this pattern is gorgeous. You don’t need to combine any other style and pattern with a herringbone tile pattern. The style of installing it is beautiful on its own. The rectangular tiles will be installed from the center point at 45 degrees to create a zigzag pattern that will make the pool look stunning and outstanding.

Above ground pool tiled with white herringbone tiles delivers a spa-like  finish to the outdoor backyard design. | Pool tile designs, Outdoor pool  shower, Pool tile
  1. Herringbone pool tile suits any style: Herringbone patterns can create an out-of-date swimming pool or a fashionable swimming pool. It depends on the installer that is handling your project. In a stylish space, the herringbone pool tile layout will add visual detail to the walls and floor of your pool. The rectangular pieces of tiles will make the shape of the tiles look stylish and subtle tiling feature.
  2. Herringbone pool tile adds width to a space: If the area you want to use for your pool is small and narrow, the next option is to design such a pool with a herringbone pool tile. The herringbone pattern generally has a unique way of making a space look more comprehensive than before the installation. This is because tiles in a herringbone pattern are laid diagonally.
  3. Herringbone pool tiles are subtle or bold

A herringbone tiling layout in pools can add subtle to the pool. It will create a black canvas for the rest of the space in the swimming pool. However, it depends on the color and style of the tiles and the color of the grout.  Visit http://decoratingrs.com/different-types-of-pool-tiles-you-can-install/ to learn about Different Types of Pool Tiles You Can Install.

  1. Herringbone pool tiles are water-resistant: The herringbone tile pattern has been installed at a tight and very close range. This makes it impossible for water to penetrate it easily. Remember, what we said earlier, that herringbone tile patterns are considered the best options to cover walls and floors. With that said, this unique pattern has maintained the lead position among other tiles that people use to protect their swimming pools’ walls and the foundation.  
  2. Herringbone pool tiles are easy to install: Although the herringbone pattern is not like when one wants to establish another way of tiles. After cutting the tiles into rectangular pieces of identical size, the next step is to start the installation process in the middle of either the walls or the pool floor. If you want to start the installation process from the wall, you need to locate the center of the wall. However, in installing a herringbone tile pattern, the first tile must be laid at a 45-degree angle before one will start installing other tiles next to it. 
  3. You can use different tiles to create herringbone pool tile: One of the most significant benefits of covering the walls and floor of your swimming pool in a herringbone pattern is that you are free to use any tiles to create this pattern. You can choose to use porcelain tiles to make this pattern. Not only that, but one can also use mosaic tiles to create a well-arranged herringbone pool tile. Furthermore, some people also like using stones tiles and brick tiles to create this unique pattern.


Dear readers, you can also use this unique tile in your next project. This article explained why you need to consider using a herringbone tile pattern to design your swimming pool. Also, we proceed to show you the benefits of installing herringbone pool tiles. We mentioned seven benefits. Therefore, we can boldly say that you will not regret designing your pools in a herringbone pattern.